We Treat Every Rug Like An Heirloom

At Carpet Cleaning Manhattan, we are passionate about rugs whether they are old or new.

Our cleaning processes use only environmentally safe, natural products to give you rugs that are not only clean, but also absolutely safe for you and your family.

This is done without compromising on the mission of ridding your rug of the most obstinate spots, stains, odors and deeply embedded dirt.

You Can Trust Us With Your Precious Rug

Your rugs are precious, both in terms of your investment and sentimental value.

They reflect that warm personal touch that turns a house into a home. They may also be a favorite playtime or napping spot for children and pets. Unfortunately, area rugs also absorb dirt and spills. Never fear! Our trained crews love a challenge! They are happy to advise you on the best treatment for your rug, based on the fiber content, weave and dye stability.

Professional Fine Rug Cleaning in NYC

With our well-trained crews, you need have no concerns about your precious oriental rugs. Our cleaning methods ensure that your rugs stay looking and feeling fresh, and their longevity will be enhanced so that your proud possessions continue to delight you for years to come.

When you call Carpet Cleaning Manhattan, our professional consultants will arrange to meet with you personally to conduct a pre-inspection. This will involve careful study of the condition of your rug, including the accumulated dirt and stains. They will also examine the fiber and the dye to recommend the best possible treatment. Our consultants are happy to explain the cleaning process, the cleansers used, and address any concerns you may have. Finally, you will have the choice to have the rugs cleaned at home or at our shop.

Thorough Process To Get The Job Done

If you choose to have your area rugs cleaned in your home, our experts will get the area selected for cleaning cleared of furniture and will then take steps to protect the surrounding floors and fixtures. The team will then vacuum both sides of the rug to get rid of all accumulated dirt, soil, hair and dust mites. They will then pre-treat your rug to remove any deeply embedded fine dirt or stains.

The cleaning will start with giving the rug a good shake to loosen the dirt. Our trained personnel will then use eco-friendly cleansing solutions to give your rug a thorough top to bottom cleaning. Then we use a hot-water extraction process to ensure your rug is thoroughly clean, absolutely fresh and almost fully dry.

But, we don't stop there! Our professional crews will give your area rugs the final touch needed to brighten up the borders and fringes, giving them that "new" look. You may also want our crews to apply deodorizers and protective treatments, which not only prolong the life of your rugs, but also keeps them looking like they were purchased yesterday.

Free Pick Up & Delivery in New York City

After the work is complete, our professional team will meet with you again for a final inspection to ensure you are completely satisfied with the work. With our Free Pick up & Delivery service all across New York City, your rug is promised to be at home in no time!

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