Making Carpets Feel Better And Last Longer

At Manhattan Carpet Cleaning, we know your carpets are an important part of your home.
They are also expensive and function as an investment that adds value to your house.

Clean as they may appear, your valuable carpeting may be harboring the dust that causes allergies and asthma attacks. Keeping them clean is an important part of maintaining a healthy indoor environment for your family, friends, and guests.

Bring Back Its Beauty & Softness

Manhattan Carpet Cleaning will not only add years of life to your carpet, but also bring back its beauty and that soft feeling you and your family love.

Our professional crews are armed with the experience, knowledge, and state-of-the art supplies and equipment needed to provide the best care for your home.

Organic Methods

We use only non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning techniques, taking care to ensure that our cleaning solutions are absolutely safe for you, your children and your pets. Our powerful steam cleaning equipment and hot water extraction technology ensure that your carpets are cleaned thoroughly and left free of stains and odors.

Manhattan Carpet Cleaning has been serving homes & offices all across New York City for many years, and earned the loyalty and appreciation of many satisfied cutomers over the years.

Thorough Process To Get The Job Done

We work our hardest, taking care to minimize any disruption to your daily routine. However, we do request that you move any fragile or valuable items from the areas to be cleaned.

Then, you can simply leave the rest to us!

TThe first thing our team will do upon arrival is conduct a pre-inspection to identify problem or high-traffic areas. The crew will then discuss the cleaning processes available to you. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. We take pride in giving you complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

When you are ready, our technicians will carefully prepare the area to be cleaned. This includes the removal of all loose dirt, sand, pet hair and even food stuffs embedded in the carpet. They will then proceed to pre-treat the carpet to tackle the most stubborn stains and odors, as well as ground-in soiling.

The Green Way - Organic Cleaning

Our technicians do this using "green," detergent-free, environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions that break down stains and dirt by penetrating the carpet's fibers. Then they apply an all natural, safe rinse with a pH-balancing solution that gently lifts away the dirt and other substances that cause odors. Finally, our effective extraction equipment carries away the dirt and sucks out all the excess moisture from the depths of the carpet.

The deodorizers we recommend are all-natural, yet strong enough to pull out odors from the root, making your home smell clean, fresh and inviting. We will also advise you on the application of carpet protectors to avoid the re-emergence of ugly high-traffic patterns.

This leaves your carpet looking younger and more beautiful.

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