Carpet and Rug Care Tips & Information

Between Cleanings

  • 1. Carpets need regular vacuum cleaning. Although in most cases a weekly vacuuming may be sufficient, areas that receive heavy foot traffic or where children and pets play may need more frequent vacuum cleaning.
  • 2. The best way to vacuum is to start by moving with the pile of your carpet to remove soil near surface and then go against the grain to remove more deeply embedded particles.
  • 3. Doormats have great but underestimated value in keeping your house clean. Keep one mat on the outside of every entryway and one on the inside. Do remember to occasionally clean the doormat to keep it effective.
  • 4. Treat every spill as an emergency to be tackled immediately. If a substance like juice or coffee is allowed to remain on the carpet for too long, it can permanently change the fiber's coloring.
  • 5. It is a good idea to move your furniture from time to time to avoid indentations and wear in certain areas of the carpet.

When Accidents Happen

  • 1. Any solid matter, like food, should be removed immediately.
  • 2. Use a clean white cloth to cover the area. It will absorb the spill.
  • 3. Spray a spot or stain remover over the affected area till it is wet.
  • 4. Leave the stain remover on the affected area for one to three minutes so that it will loosen any dirt and absorb into any affected fibers.
  • 5. Use a white cloth to gently lift the stain. Start at the edges of the affected area and gradually move toward the center. Repeat the process of applying the spot remover and attempting to lift the spot and cleaning the area if the spot does not respond to the first attempt.
  • 6. Once the area is clean, use a clean white cloth to absorb any remaining moisture.

Vacuum Cleaners

Invest in a good vacuum cleaner even if you have to pay a bit more. While ordinary vacuum cleaners lift the surface dirt, they can miss embedded dirt and sand, which can wear your carpet. Think of the investment you make in your vacuum cleaner as protecting the investment you have made in your carpeting.


A weeping carpet can damage your floor or any rug that is placed on top of it. It is therefore advisable to test your carpet for color fastness before cleaning it, using a spot cleaner or placing another rug over it.

Area Rugs

Don't neglect the underbelly of an area. Vacuuming the underside of your area rugs regularly will remove accumulated dirt and prolong their useful lives.

Professional Cleaning

While you regularly vacuum your carpets to ensure that they are kept free of dust, sand, pet-hair, and dander will help keep your home clean. However, you should also get professional cleaning service at least every year or two to remove oily, sticky substances—such as cooking vapors and air pollutants--that accumulated on or inside the carpets over time. These substances attract dirt and break down your carpet's fibers, damaging them.

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