Only the Best Care for your Treasure

At Carpet Cleaning Manhattan, we offer a complete menu of Persian rug care services including Persian rug cleaning, repair and restoration. We are passionate about these beautiful rugs and work to ensure and enhance their original look and quality.

We employ only trained, experienced technicians to work with your rug. They know the traditional Persian techniques and integrate modern machinery and technology to deliver the best results.

Persian Rug Cleaning

Our cleaning treatment follows a set of proven dirt and stain removing steps. Throughout these steps we completely remove tough stains, trapped and embedded dirt and threatening germs. We use only certified green cleaning products to give you a deep, healthy clean. We give you the best possible clean in Manhattan.

Persian Rug Repair

Persian rugs see heavy use, old age and over exposure which leads to various types of damages. At Carpet Cleaning Manhattan our team of Persian rug repair experts performs high quality repairs using premium materials and a depth of knowledge. We correct tears and holes, discolor and fading, and more specific repairs like fringing and padding.

Persian Rug Restoration

When simple repairs don't meet your needs, let our experts perform a Persian rug restoration service. Our restorations bring your rugs back to their original quality and look. We restore the strength, beauty and overall integrity of your precious rug.

We offer re-weaving, color restorations, re-fringing, patch work and much more. Our local Manhattan experts perform most restoration services by hand using only high quality materials.

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