Professional Care for your Precious Rug

At Carpet Cleaning Manhattan, we promise to take good care of your special Oriental rug with our Oriental rug cleaning, repair and restoration services. Our services remove all threatening messes and correct both minor and severe problems.

We clean, repair and restore your rugs using the best possible products and materials and a depth of knowledge and experience. We take pride in our work and guarantee high quality, complete results.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

We provide you with the best available Oriental rug cleaning service in Manhattan. We clean deeply into the rug fibers and knots to remove embedded dirt and set in stains. We use only certified green cleaning products with all-natural ingredients. They aggressively fight of all messes with harming the healthy of your rug, family or natural environment.

When we deliver your clean, fresh Oriental rug, you'll love the professional quality you receive.

Oriental Rug Repair

At Carpet Cleaning Manhattan, we fix the most common damages in your Oriental rug professionally and completely. We know that no matter the level of care you give your rug, over time, it starts to suffer from exposure and use.

Our rug care experts repair both minor and serious problems in your Oriental rug. We use traditional techniques and modern technology to provide a truly undetectable repair service.

Oriental Rug Restoration

Trust our team of specialists to bring your rug back to its original glory with our professional Oriental rug restoration service. We work precisely and diligently to restore the strength, beauty and overall brilliance of your rug.

We offer specialized treatments, like re-weaving, color restoration and more, and perform several treatments by hand. We give you a professional restoration service you can see, feel and love.

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