A New Carpet Ones Again - That Lasts Longer!

Carpets can wrinkle and buckle due to many reasons. Poor installation or padding, foot traffic and drag, and humid conditions all may contribute to bubbles in your carpet.

Install a New Carpet?

Folds in carpeting keep it from looking its best and can be a safety hazard too! Many people mistakenly believe they need to install new carpet or spend a lot of money to remedy the problem.

But there is another way.

Our trained carpet technicians use the highest standard tools and methods to restretch and reseam your carpet. The result is a flat, cleaner looking room with no safety hazards and a carpet that will last much longer.

Thorough Process To Get The Job Done

Just give us a call and we'll save you the time and money of replacing your carpet. After all, a restretched carpet can look as good as new!

Also, for small or large carpet repairs, patch replacement, reseaming and other carpet needs, give us a call!

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